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Why Are You So Afraid?

"Why are you so afraid" - Jesus

This is a question that Jesus asked on several different occasions. And it is certainly a relevant question for each of us.

The circumstances that might cause us to be afraid are numerous. And the fears we are each tempted with are often going to be different than those of the people around us. Fears come in a wide variety of areas.

Sometimes, our fears are a little more obvious than others. Sometime, we may be fearful without really understanding why or what is at the root of our fear. We may not even be aware of it at all.

Whatever the case, this question that Jesus poses in the Bible is an important one for us all to ponder. It prompts us to evaluate the areas in which we are living in fear. And once we identify some of those fears, we can ask the Lord to help us understand and dig deeper into WHY we are fearful of certain things.

Once we can IDENTIFY the root of our FEAR, we are able to submit that fear to the Lord, and we can be reminded that perfect love, his love, CASTS OUT FEAR.

There is no fear in love. But perfect love casts out fear...

- 1 John 4:18


I submit my fear to you.

Help me not be afraid.

Help me to trust you.

Help me find rest in you.

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