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The Truth Will Set You Free

I received the following thank you from a hiker I took on a recent backpacking trip.

Thank you so much for investing in my life and helping me finally fulfill a dream of mine to go on a backpacking trip! There were several times on that mountain where my body was telling me to stop and my mind telling me to quit, but once I made it to the top my mind was refreshed and my body restored-hope had been reached! When my mind had been racing with doubts in my life and my relationships, and with fears of the unknown, this trip removed me from the lies of the world and reminded me of one simple truth. No matter how hard things get, how much doubt there is... there’s no mountain God won’t climb chasing after me. Thank you for being a vessel of His truth.

God is so good. Romans 8:32 says that we shall know the truth and that truth will set us free

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