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The Peaceful Pathway - Recalibrate - Evaluate

The “peaceful pathway” includes three BOLD moves on your part. They are: - RECALIBRATE  - ALIGN  - ACT Recalibrate Review We continue to be focusing on the RECALIBRATE phase of the Peaceful Pathway. The first challenge in the process of recalibrating is to (1) PRAY and BE STILL, looking to Psalm 46:10 & Exodus 14:14 as a foundation. We are called to come before God in prayer, be still, know that He is God, and that He is in control. The second challenge is to (2) LISTEN in prayer. James 1:19 tells us that we should be "quick to listen" and "slow to speak."  The third challenge during this recalibration period is to (3) EVALUATE. This concept of evaluating includes the evaluation of our personal walk with God, our family, our work/school, our biblical community, and holistic restoration. Evaluating these areas weekly is such an important tool as we work toward healthy growth and a firm foundation in our lives. It is a process of purification that God can use to make us aware of areas in our lives that need to be changed or challenged. It can especially help give us wisdom as we face circumstances that look very different than what we are accustomed to.  If you would like help in weekly evaluating these areas in your life, I would be glad to send you a weekly reflection template. Just email and we will get it sent to you.  I invite you to continue in joining my family and I as we focus on the word Recalibrate. I encourage you to keep BEING STILL in prayer, keep LISTENING in prayer, and practice EVALUATING your life while being sensitive to the Holy Spirit.   Remember, God is in control, and with His help, WE WILL get through this.

We will be praying for any specific prayer request you send our way on Sunday mornings. Please send your specific prayer requests to

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