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The Glory of His Hands

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

In this blog post, I would like to share a poem that was written by my friend, Mark Edwards.

THE GLORY OF HIS HANDS by Mark Edwards 2019

Long ago God decide to write a story With His own hand and for His Glory  He would create a world with His own hand From the dust of the earth the first man.

From that man He would fashion Eve  And to her husband Adam she would cleave  God gave them both working hands For His Glory to tend His garden as fans.    

Then sin enters into God’s story But not to worry it is all part of His Glory Adam and Eve chose to disobey And use their hands in a wrong way.

God’s plan would soon unfold His Glory to display from old The Son who sat at the Father’s right hand Would Himself become a mere man

The King of Glory born with hands  Would be a simple human man   The hand that once held the universe  Now would hold the secret to the curse

God gave human hands for His Son To work as a carpenter and get things done To bring Him Glory of this earth And open the way for a new birth.

His hands healed the sick and blind To many He was so kind  He made the lepers clean His Eternal Glory to be seen. 

His hands would be nailed to a wooden cross Pierced for our sin was the boss  He gave his life in exchange for mine The Prince of Glory died on a white pine.

Three days later He would rise again His hands would be His proof to the men  When they put their fingers in His hand They believed and walked into the promise land.

His hands I will also some day see For I will finally be set free  In His Glory forever we will talk Hand in Hand we will walk

I am waiting to see His hands I am waiting to touch His hands I am waiting to walk hand in hand O the Glory of His Hands.

From beginning to end, this story is all a part of God's Glory.  Be encouraged and join me in pondering the Glory of His hands.

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