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Role Clarification

Role is assumed or assigned. It is also proper or connected to social customs. Much of our confusion and conflict comes from a lack of clarity in the area of roles.

Here is a basic list of rules that I play. I am a child of God, a son, a brother, a spouse, a father, a missionary, a coach, and so on… We all have many roles in our lives that can at times get confusing, especially during times of change. 

I’m reminded of a basketball player that just finished high school and moved on to college. He was one of the best players on his high school team, but is struggling discovering his role on his new college team. This is often the case in many of our lives, as we move from familiarity to something new.

Here are three things to do as we think about clarifying our roles:

1. Identify the struggle/area of struggle

2. Identify your role/lack of role

3. Pray James 4:7-8

“Lord I submit my disorientation in my role(s),

Satan I resist you in Jesus name

Jesus, I want to draw near to you and I want you to draw near to me

Purify my heart”

The Lord will meet you where you are at, bringing clarity as He brings you from disorientation to a new orientation.

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