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Prayer Update 3/12/18

Intern Mayuko Shono

Mayuko Shono’s heart is fully committed to the Lord. She came to the USA to learn english seven years ago. Deep down inside she knew there was more but was not quite sure what that was. The picture above is a group of Mayu’s friends sending her back to her homeland, Japan. A few weeks ago Extreme Encounters hosted a Commissioning Service and Celebration for Mayu. Eighty plus came from a variety of Kansas communities to support Mayu. 

At the Commissioning Service Mayu shared story after story of God’s grace. She shared how she came to Christ, grew in True identity, and connected her gifts to God’s purpose for her life. She also shared how her internships with Extreme Kansas Camp helped equip her to take the Gospel back to Japan. It was so encouraging to hear testimonies of God’s grace in and through Mayu’s life. As Mayu leaves she will continue as an Extreme Encounters long distance intern for several years.

Be Encouraged

“For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.” — 1 Chron. 16:9

Transition Update 

When our family started the transition from the Midwest District to our current position as missionaries we set some faith goals. Here is an update on the progress.

Prayer Partner goal- 300. Praise God we are at 270.

Financial Partner goal -100. Praise God for providing 55 so far. 

Praise God with Us!

Praise God for partner provision in prayer and finances.

Praise God for Mayuko Shono.

Praise God for the 17 individuals that have applied for Extreme Camp Staff for this next June.

Praise God for a new partnership with Volunteer Christian Builders who are planning to help build cabins at Camp Cutteru. 

Prayer Requests 

  • Pray for Mayu as she moves back to Japan after being gone for seven years. Pray for her to model and multiply disciplemaking on the natural path of her life. 

  • Pray for the Camp Leadership as we finanize Camp Staff. 

  • Pray for 30 more Prayer Partners. If you know of someone that would find joy partnering with us in prayer let us know. 

  • Pray for 45 more Financial Partners. If you know of someone that has the grace gift of giving and is looking for a Gospel Advancing ministry to support please connect us.

  • Pray for the Defenders organization as they seek to use sports to make disciples who make disciples who make… 

  • Pray for the funds needed to start the cabin building process at Camp Cutteru.

  • Pray for Extreme Kansas Camp to be faithful in it’s small part of preparing the next generation of Cross Cultural Disciplemakers. You can sign up for camp at 

Our family will be at the National Basketball Tournament this week in Springfield, MO. The Defenders are staying at Camp Maranatha 25 miles outside of Springfield. Cheryl is helping head up the kitchen as we serve 100 Defenders food this week. Shawn will be active serving as a Spiritual Life Coach and as a basketball Coach. Kaz, Kip, and Kreed are all playing in the tournament. They will be serving on and off of the court as they continue to grow as natural path of life disciplemakers. 

We want to thank you so much for your prayers. The older we get the more we appreciate the prayer of our friends and family. 

A Book to consider - Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret by Taylor 

I listened through

A Resource to consider - World News - this resource provides clarity for me and my family with the news that is be reported around the globe. They have an app that allows you to listen on the go or read digitally. They also have news for children, kids, and teens from a Biblical worldview.

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