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Peace Like a River 2

Oh that you had paid attention to my commands! Then your peace would have been like a river, and your righteousness like the waves of the sea. - Isaiah 48:18 Most of us desire to experience peace in our lives. I know I do. But how do we actually go about pursuing and living a life in true peace? Isaiah 48:18 tells us that when we pay attention to and obey God's commands, we can have peace like a river, a beautiful, calm, and steady peace. We also know from John 15 and other passages why this is so important. God's love language is OBEDIENCE. Love for God is expressed when we acknowledge His commands and live according to them. He desires obedience because it shows a two way love relationship and brings glory to Him.  God loves us so deeply, and He longs for us to love Him and through that love, experience the PEACE that He offers. He knows that the best place for us is an abiding peaceful union with Him. So, if we take time to ask this question and listen, "Do I feel peace in my life right now?," and the answer is no, maybe we need to take a moment to seek God and ask Him for His peace and how we can better love Him through obedience.  Lord, thank You for your kindness and for offering peace in the midst of a chaotic world. Help us to seek You and love You through obedience. Reveal areas in our lives that we may not be aware of where there is a lack of obedience. Please affirm us in the areas that we are being obedient and give us strength to continue. May your Spirit grant us peace as we live according to your Word. 


Operation Hope is about 80% complete. It has been a joy to take the Grant money God has provided and bless those in need. Thank you to those of you who help by being the hands and feet of Jesus

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