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The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him. 

Genesis 2:18

Often times in life, it is much easier to admit a physical need more than a spiritual one. Whether it be tiredness, muscle pain, or temperature discomfort, we can usually identify and steward our physical needs in most situations. Shouldn't this be the same for our spiritual life?

Reflect with me about three steps we should take in addressing our needs:

1. Admit you are needy 2. Identify those needs 3. Be a good steward of those needs

It becomes nearly impossible to distinguish and steward our needs when we haven't yet admitted that we have them. We must humble ourselves enough to admit that we are needy in every area of our lives, so that we may, through the power of Jesus, steward those needs properly. 

In a survival situation, things like food, water, and shelter are important needs to be aware of. If we deny or ignore our need for these things, we won't last very long. Join me in reflecting on what spiritual survival needs we need to admit and identify so that we may steward them for God's glory. 

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