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My House Will Be A House Of Prayer Part 3: Intimate Relationship

"My house shall be a house of prayer" - Jesus

As I have been pondering this phrase, the Lord has been prompting in me a redefinition of prayer, particularly in regard to relationship. Do you have a friend that you love and trust deeply? As we picture this kind of intimate, high trust relationship, I believe that is how God wants us to see and approach prayer.

Where there is high trust there is high freedom.

God is sovereign over all. He deserves our highest trust. And we can rest in the most wonderful peace and freedom that comes with full trust in God. When we approach God through prayer, whether personally, with friends, with family at home, or with a church body, we can do so in a manner of complete trust and freedom because we KNOW that he is sovereign and will lead us through whatever we are walking through.

May we make prayer a time of intimate relationship with God. Lets also make it a time of intimate relationship with others, a time of healthy relationship, praying and singing truth from scripture.

Let us pray continually with high trust, an eternal focus, and in intimate relationship!

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