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We took Kaz to OKWU and dropped him off on Saturday.  As many of you know, you leave part of your heart with your children when they go off on their own. There are two extreme emotions that fight each other when we go through things like this. On one hand you are excited to send them off to be all that God wants them to be. On the other hand, the grieving process of saying goodbye is difficult to navigate. 

"If a man have Christ in his heart, and heaven before his eye, and only as much of temporal blessing as is just needful to carry him safely through life, then pain and sorrow have little to shoot at - such a man has very little to lose." - William Burns

I am being intentional to have an eternal focus and a grateful heart as I go through this transition. In light of the quote by Burns, pain and sorrow will have a very small target to aim at me. Pray for our family as we go through this transition, and pray for Kaz as he serves in the Dominican Republic with his college basketball team. They are on their way as I am typing this. 

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