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"Fish for People"

And Jesus said to them, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."

- Matthew 4:19

When Jesus said to the disciples, "Follow me," it was directly connected to them becoming "fishers of men." In other words, Jesus wanted them to walk as he walked, learning to become more like him, so that they would take on his Father's heart for people. He wanted to teach them how to fish for people instead of for fish.

The closer the disciples got to Jesus, loving him and imitating him, the more they cared about the things he cared about. The closer they became with Jesus, the more they had HIS heart for lost people. They first learned to FOLLOW JESUS, taking on his heart for the lost, so that they could then FISH FOR PEOPLE out of an agape love that could only come from God.

May we also pursue Jesus wholeheartedly, falling deeper in love with him, and ask him to give us his heart for the lost.

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