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Do You Still Not Understand? - Jesus

In Mark 8, Jesus' disciple have a moment of worrying about and discussing their lack of food as they traveled. But Jesus says to them, "Do you still not understand?" He then reminds them of previous moments when they only had a few loaves of bread yet were able to feed five-thousands people with left overs and again four-thousand people with the same result.

There are numerous events happening in our world today that are hard to understand. Despite the multitude of sources informing us about what is going on and what it means for the future, it is hard to discern what is TRUE through all the noise. And without truth and understanding, it is hard to have peace. When we can't see past our current struggle or situation or that of the world, it is hard not to worry.

But remember, there IS truth, understanding, and peace to be found.

Ultimately, the truth and understanding of God can and will lead to freedom and peace in a world of unknowns. It is important for us to continue to seek truth and understanding in the world around us, but despite how much we do or don't understand about our current circumstances, what we must remember is that GOD IS SOVEREIGN. He is not surprised by anything going on, and his desires will be fulfilled according to his plans. He is worthy of our complete trust.

Sometimes, we may have to answer Jesus' question with "No. I don't understand." But God challenges us, as we seek truth and understanding, to trust him in the midsts of the unknown and as we do, to have peace.


Thank you for being sovereign over every situation.

When we do not understand, help us understand.

Help us to seek and know truth.

Give us peace as we learn to know and understand you more.

You are faithful, you are able and you are worthy of trust.


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