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“As wild men, we must stand up and roar in the face of our culture, or into the face of savage men who threaten to degrade or devalue the women in our lives.” — Zeke Pipher

My mom grew up as an orphan girl. My dad cherished my mom and taught all of the boys in our family to do the same thing. He taught us to treat our sister the same.

I have a twin sister. I married my twin sister’s college roommate and best friend. My wife and I have three daughters and one granddaughter. I have been around girls/women since I was in my mother’s womb. 

Even though my twin was 5’11” when she was 12 and had lots of influence over me I did not always understand how to value girls. I am grateful for God’s grace and the grace granted from the girls that I teased and treated with disrespect and dishonor. I have regrets like many of you. Hear this… part of honoring God and girls is asking forgiveness when we have shown disrespect and dishonor. Asking them for forgiveness and then asking God for forgiveness. When we sin against one of these cherished ones we not only sin against them but we sin against their creator. Since our violation is both horizontal and vertical our reconciliation MUST be horizontal and vertical. (see post script for more on this)

At some point in my growing up years I learned to treat all girls as if they were like my mom or sister. This was one of the best lessons I have ever learned. In our reading this week Zeke showed us that our view of women is not determined by us or by our culture but by the one true God. When you hear or see that temptation remember this phrase, “She is not mine, she is God’s and is a cherished one.” It is so much easier to cherish others when we have the proper perspective.

I love and cherish you now more than I ever have before. My heart melts and my knees go weak at just the thought of you sweet one. My heart overflows with admiration and pure love I want to share with you. You are a precious jewel so rare and I treasure you for who you are.

excerpt from - Michael McParland “I Cherished You”

The pictures include my mom, my twin, my wife and three daughters as well as our grand daughter. 

Post Script 

Horizontal Forgiveness - If it is appropriate ask forgiveness to the girl/woman you have offended. Note: there are some circumstances where you should not or can’t. If you're not sure, ask your wife, mother, or accountability partner, or pastor for wisdom in this regard. 

Vertical Forgiveness - Prayer of Repentance Example

Lord, I recognize you as Savior of my life. You created all things and I am so glad you created women. Help me to grow in my ability to show respect and honor to them. I acknowledge that you created them. I submit to you this area of my life the best that I can. Satan, I resist you in Jesus name. Lord, I want to draw near to you and I want you to draw near to me. I have sinned and desire you to wash me clean and purify my heart. (memorize and pray James 4:7,8 on a regular basis)

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