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The “peaceful pathway” includes three BOLD moves. They are: - RECALIBRATE - ALIGN  - ACT

As we continue to daily practice our steps of Recalibration, (1) Being Still in Prayer, (2) Listening in Prayer, and (3) Evaluating in Prayer, it is time to BUILD ON THAT FOUNDATION by beginning the ALIGN BOLD move.  Just like our skeletal structure must be in alignment in order for our bodies to function properly, our lives need to be in alignment in order to function properly. Specifically, it is important to be in alignment with our LIFE MISSION, VALUES, MEASURES & ROLES.

So, if you have developed these, now is a great time to review them and make sure you are living in alignment.  If you have not developed these, now is a perfect time to create them. Let’s start by pinpointing what your unique values are. One of the easiest ways to go about discovering these in your life is to: 1. Ask the question, "What offends me?" 2  Flip that over to find the VALUE.   Example: Offender: Seeing someone who is Misunderstood  Value: Deep Understanding So, if you don't yet have personal values identified, I encourage you to think through your offenders then flip them over to help you find what it is you value. As you develop 3-5 values, prepare to use them like a compass to guide you. 

We continue to pray for specific prayer request you send our way on Sunday mornings. Please send your specific prayer requests to

God is in control, and with His help, WE WILL get through this.

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