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2018 Wild Man Challenge

How are men portrayed today? What are the labels we are earning for ourselves?

Sexual predators. Power abusers. Egomaniacs. Porn addicts. Workaholics. Irresponsible fun-seekers. Video game junkies. Homewreckers.

Clearly, the state of masculinity in America is in dismal shape. Each week, we hear new reports of men who have failed morally, deeply hurting their families, friends, and communities. It’s time to figure out what makes a man a man. And it’s time to give our sons & grandsons a clear target to aim at. What makes a man a man? We’ll figure that out together in the 2018 Wild Man Challenge!

I’ve been asked by a group of men that I respect to join in hosting the 2018 Wild Man Challenge. These are men I greatly admire – they are faithful husbands, fathers, men’s ministry leaders, sportsmen, outdoor writers, and editors.

We’d like you and your TRIBE to join us. Starting January 22, we will begin walking through Wild Mountain Tribe. W.M.T. a 14-week guidebook designed to help fathers, sons, grandfathers, mentors, and other young men have vital conversations about what it means to be a man who takes his cues from the Scriptures and from his conscience. Our goal is to be different from the society around us – to be strong and courageous – to be faithful to our Father in Heaven – to be kind, loving, and generous toward our wives, children, and communities. Our goal, in short, is to be WILD! (…”wild” will make more sense after reading The Wild Man fable.)

To join us in this 2018 Wild Man Challenge:

  1. Visit and order The Wild Man fable, Wild Mountain Tribe, and if you’d like, a Wild Man Challenge t-shirt. (Use the coupon code “WILD” to receive a 15% discount off these items.)

  2. Join the Wild Man Challenge Facebook group. This is where we (the hosts) will put up a starter post each morning in order to carry on a continuous dialog about these books and our experiences within our TRIBES. This is a closed group, only open to those going through Wild Mountain Tribe. We want this Facebook group to be a safe, honest, supportive community of committed friends & brothers.

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